All homes need a roof, but the maintenance and costs can be daunting to some. All homeowners will eventually face a time where their roof needs to be replaced, whether it is due to normal wear and tear or there is an accident causing damage. There are lots of things to consider when getting a roof replaced such as what roofing company to use, what materials to use, and then of course the cost. 

A new roof is an investment, and while the price may be a bit scary at first, you should keep in mind that this roof will protect your home and can last for 20+ years when taken care of properly. This article will focus on the cost of replacing a roof along with different roof types and how a new roof may impact your insurance. Getting a new roof is a good thing and with the right roofing company, it can be a rather stress-free process.

The Average Cost to Replace a RoofHow much does it cost to replace a whole roof?

There is no one right answer for how much roof replacement costs. It is predicted that in 2021 the average cost for replacing a roof on a home was between $5,240 – $14,000. There are lots of factors that play into the cost of a roof ranging from the size of the roof to the materials used. The average mid-range roof replacement costs approximately $750. At this price, it is no wonder that people want to save money for repairs on their roofs and will try to get at least 2 prices to compare. At Liberty Roofworks we do our very best to work with our customers to get them the best prices for our services. If you are interested in scheduling an inspection and receiving an estimate, contact us!

At times, you may find yourself with some unexpected costs with your roof replacement. This is another reason why it is hard to give a specific answer to how much a roof replacement costs. For example, if your roof has any wood chips or cracks then the damage can add to the price. Complex roof designs can make roof replacement even more complicated and can even increase the value of your new roof. Skylights can be very difficult to work with, therefore roofers will tend to charge even more to accommodate these types of situations. Roofing companies will also consider how much of your roof needs to be removed along with the angle of your roof and the level of accessibility it provides. This can save you the extra expense of paying someone for repairs on your roof right away.

When pricing the cost of a roof installation, the average cost estimated is often done per square. For example, the average cost for roof replacement is anywhere from $350 to $600 per square. Roofing material tends to be marketed by the square which is the area of  100 ft. For example, if your roof is 150x150cm, you will want to buy 1,400 square meters of roofing material. It is strongly recommended that you leave the measuring to licensed roofing professionals, that way you get the best measurements. Roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but a common rule is that a roof measures about 1.5 times your property value.

Need a New Roof but Can't Afford ItCan you replace a roof yourself?

While installing your own roof may save you a bit of roofing labor costs, we strongly recommend not taking this on as a project. When it comes to roofing, there are lots of steps that must be done correctly, or else it was all a waste. We suggest hiring a licensed and experienced roofing company to take on this task for you. There is no room for errors in a roof installation since any mistakes can lead to more damage and it also puts your home at risk. Licensed roofers are trained to install roofs correctly and efficiently. Professional roofers also know which materials would be best for your roof specifically and know how to navigate different roof layouts.

When choosing a roofing company to work with, we suggest getting at least two quotes to see the price differences and hear what each has to say about your particular roof.

Different types of roofs

As mentioned before, the type of roofing material used can affect the price of installation. The type of material your roof is made out of can depend on a couple of things such as location and what your roof shape/type is. Here are a couple of popular roof types and some average costs for them.

Metal Roof: A standing seam metal roof system is a series of panels bonded at the seams or sealed mechanically. This allows the panels to extend and contract freely when the metal heats up. For a one-story house with a mildly complicated roof and curved roofline, you can expect to pay roughly $15.85 per square foot. A walled metal roof that is screwed up will be the same. The screws are screwed to the panels without any space for extension and contraction. This does not mean that you can not screw down a metal roof to your house. A solid seam roofing system gives a solid foundation and can make your metal roof much more efficient.

Cedar Roofing Cost

Cedar roofs can cost between $8-$12 on average. Cedar roofs come in two different sizes/types which are shake and shingle. Shingle roofs are more uniform in both size and shape while shakes tend to be more irregular. Both types are considered to be flame-resistant roofing options. Cedar-roofed homes need lots of maintenance to help protect their integrity. Cedar roofs rarely require any type of additional reinforcement.

The best roofing material for hot climates

If you are living in a much warmer climate, there are some things you will want to consider when it comes to rooting. Using the wrong type of roof covering will catch the heat and actually make your home much hotter. Most people in Florida and Arizona tend to use terracotta roofs for this reason. These tiles are heavier than asphalt and can cause damage to the inside of your home if it is left without proper support. Consult with a professional roofing company or architect to help decide if you will need to create additional supports for your roof or not. If you live outside of a hot climate are, want asphalt shingles replaced with ceramic shingles or concrete times, contact your local roofing dealer before beginning installation.

Does Homeowners insurance cover roof repair?

When it comes to homeowners insurance and roof coverage, there are a couple of things to know. Typically an all-perils homeowners insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing a roof when damage occurs. The bad side is that normally the damage that gets covered is only damage that occurs from a sudden accident or weather incident such as a storm. Any other types of damage such as normal wear and tear or even just the old age of a roof will not be covered in most cases. Normal damage often is considered as part of the general maintenance responsibility of a homeowner. If your roof is very old, often 20 years or older, the coverage on it is extremely limited. The newer your roof is, the more coverage you will typically have.

Will my insurance go up if I replace my roof?

When getting a roof replaced insurance can be a slippery slope. There are chances that your insurance can go up and chances that it can go down. Your insurance may go down after a new roof is installed because it makes your home much safer overall. On the other hand, if you get a new roof due to a claim then you may see an increase in your insurance. There is no straight-up answer for this question, as each case is different. If you are curious about your options and what will be covered, it is best to contact your insurance company as well as keep documentation of any roof work done along with before and after pictures of any replacements or repairs. 

We are here to help!

If you or someone you know needs their roof replaced, we at Liberty Roofworks are happy to help. Our team of experienced and licensed professionals will ensure that your new roof is installed correctly and at the most affordable cost. We understand that at times, roofing damage occurs suddenly. In these cases specifically, we work extra hard to ensure a speedy repair for your roof and we will even help with any insurance claims that need to be made.

If you are interested in taking the first steps in getting a brand new roof installed please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or set up an inspection to issue you a proper quote. We are happy to help!

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