A roof is an investment, and while they are necessary for practical reasons, they also are something that you as well as your neighbors will see every day. With all of the money that gets put into a roof, the overall appearance or “curb appeal” is important to keep in mind. Having to get a new roof can be overwhelming and with so many different roofing options out there, deciding which one would be best for you can be difficult. There are other things to consider too such as what colors and tones would look best with your home. 

After nearly two decades of professional roofing experience, we at Liberty Roofworks have become well versed in providing clients with roofs that both meet their needs functionally as well as aesthetically. We understand the importance and value of a strong curb appeal which is why we decided to touch on this topic. This article will cover what roofing materials are best to help boost your home’s overall curb appeal.

What is curb appeal and why is it important?

Before we cover what things will help boost your home’s curb appeal, it is important to understand what exactly curb appeal is. Curb appeal is essentially the overall attractiveness of a home and how it looks from the outside. Curb appeal is important for two main reasons. The first is because it is your home, you want to enjoy the way it looks. A home can tell a lot about a person such as their aesthetic or in some cases, even their personality. A nice roof can help your home appear more put together and in the way you like. 

The second reason curb appeal is important is for homebuyers. If you ever plan on selling your home, having a strong curb appeal will make the process a lot easier. The exterior of a home is the first impression and you want to have a strong one. Essentially, homebuyers are judging a book by its cover and the nicer the cover is, the more likely they are to want to see what’s inside and consider it further.

The top roofing materials for boosting your home’s curb appeal

While there are several ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal, there are specific roofing materials that will make your home stand out as well as increase the overall value.

Slate RoofSlate Roof

We’re starting off with the slate roof, one of the more expensive roofing materials. Slate roofs are made mainly from organic slate tiles that get cut into square-shaped tiles. Installing a slate roof can be a bit tedious and must be installed very carefully. A slate roof gives a home a classic and clean look and is arguably one of the most attractive roof styles available. While slate roofs are expensive, they can last 80 to 100 years when maintained. These roofs are extremely weather-resistant and can help protect homes in colder areas. Since slate roofs are made of natural slate tiles, they can get rather heavy. To have a slate roof you have to make sure your house is equipped to handle that amount of weight which can be a setback for some people. If you are considering a slate roof we recommended getting an inspection done to see if that is a possibility for your home. Slate roofs are beautiful and would be a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Clay Tile

Clay tile roofs are not as common as other styles, but with the right home, it can look amazing. Clay tiles are made from natural clay from the earth and formed into shapes that interlock with each other perfectly before being fired to harden permanently. While this type of roof can look good on homes anywhere, it is especially good for warmer climates and gives off a desert aesthetic. Clay tile roofs are extremely durable and can last up to 100 years with little maintenance required. Like slate roofs, clay tile is very heavy and would require a strong roof frame.

Clay tile roofs are expensive and can cost anywhere from $1,000 or more per 100 square feet. If you are looking for a roof that lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance, then this is definitely an option to consider. Clay tiles are beautiful and will increase your home’s curb appeal greatly.

Cedar ShinglesCedar Shingles

Cedar shingles, oftentimes called cedar shake roofs, are another popular option for boosting the curb appeal of a home. Cedar shingles are made of natural cedar wood and cut to give a smooth appearance. Cedar shake roofs can last around 30 years or more when cared for properly. While cedar shingle roofs are beautiful and do a great job at boosting a home’s curb appeal, there are some potential downsides to be aware of. Cedar shake shingles can accumulate damage over time such as loss of color, cracking, and curling. Regular maintenance is important with a roof like this to help prevent any damage as well as fix any as it occurs. This type of roof offers a unique look and can really pull a house together.

Premium Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used in residential homes. While asphalt shingles look nice on their own, premium asphalt shingles, also known as luxury asphalt shingles, will take any home to the next level and boost their curb appeal immensely. Premium asphalt shingles are similar to asphalt shingles in the way they are installed, but the shingles themselves differ. 

Premium shingles tend to be bigger and thicker along with stronger than regular asphalt shingles. This is due to them being made of a mix of asphalt along with other materials. Premium shingles are able to withstand more intense weather such as high winds, snow, and even hail. These types of roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years and are available in a variety of colors allowing you to personalize your home even more. Premium asphalt shingles can be expensive but are worth it if you are serious about prioritizing your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. 

Composite ShinglesComposite Shingles

A composite shingle or synthetic shingle roof is another great option for boosting your home’s curb appeal. These shingles are made out of recycled materials and mimic the look of a roof made of cedar shingles or slate. From a distance, no one would be able to tell it is a composite shingle roof. This type of roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years with the proper maintenance. Composite shingles give homes the same classic look of a slate or cedar shingle roof without some of the hassles. For example, composite shingles are more lightweight and can be a cheaper alternative. Composite shingles are also extremely durable and can withstand intense weather and debris much better than most roofing materials. If you like the look of slate or cedar shingle roofs but don’t have the budget for it, composite shingles are a great alternative and will leave your home looking clean and together.

We are here to help

A regularly maintained roof is a must for any home. While asphalt roofs are extremely common and a cheaper roof type, they don’t do nearly as much for a home’s curb appeal as the other types we discussed. A home is a reflection of you and a roof is just one way to make it more impressionable. 

These roof materials will boost your home’s curb appeal as well as help bring up the value of your home should you choose to sell it down the road. We hope that you feel more informed now about the different types of roofing materials out there and how they can boost the curb appeal of your house. 

At Liberty Roofworks we handle a wide variety of roofing projects ranging from installation to repairs and more. If you are looking to explore your options for boosting your home’s curb appeal please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our licensed and insured roofers would be happy to provide you with an inspection as well as go over what your options are and help build your dream roof.


What is the most expensive roofing material?

Slate is the most expensive roofing material currently available. However, their weather resistance and lifespan of them can make it worth the money.

Is curb appeal important for selling a house?

Yes, in fact, it is one of the most important parts. The way a home looks from the outside is the first thing potential buyers see and can be the deciding factor between taking a tour and moving on to the next house.

How does curb appeal affect the value of my home?

It has been predicted that the attractiveness of a home can increase its value by 5% or more. A home that lacks a curb can negatively impact the value of the home.

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