While asphalt shingle roofs remain the most popular among residential homes, metal roofs are starting to be installed more and more. There are a lot of benefits to having a metal roof but they can be a bit expensive at times. However, don’t let the price change your mind right away.

In this article, we will be talking about the two main types of metal roofs used on residential homes along with the benefits as well as some of the downsides of having a metal roof. Finally, we will discuss the price ranges and what you can expect while getting a metal roof installed. It’s important to know as much as you can about a roofing system before having it installed.

Metal roofing contractor working on new roof installationThe different types of metal roofs

The first type of metal roof is a standing seam metal roof. Standing seam roofs consist of many panels that interlock with each other giving your roof a sleek and consistent look. Standing seam metal roofs are great because they have room to expand and contract easily without causing damage.

The second type of metal roof we are going to cover is called a screw-down panel roof. Instead of the panels locking into each other like on a standing seam room, they are screwed down individually. With that being said, there is no room for the panels to expand.

Now that we covered the two main types of metal roofing options available, we want to discuss some of the benefits of having a metal roof as opposed to a more traditional option.

The benefits of having a metal roof

One big perk of having a metal roof is it boosts your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is essentially the overall attractiveness of your home from the street. In other words, it’s how good your home looks to someone standing outside of it. Standing seam metal roofs are especially good at boosting your home’s curb appeal thanks to their sleek design. If curb appeal is something that ranks high on your priority list, then a metal roof is definitely worth considering. Whether your whole roof is a metal roof or just part, it will make your own stand out among the others.

Metal roofs are also a great investment because they can last for a long time. Assuming your roof is installed correctly, you can expect to get 30 to 40 years out of it, maybe even longer. From a money standpoint, you always want to get the most out of your investment. While a metal roof is more expensive than other options, it will last much longer than other options such as an asphalt roof which only lasts 20 to 25 years at the most. 

Metal roofs also require far less maintenance than other types of roofing options. Once installed, the only real maintenance needed is routine cleaning which is optional but strongly recommended. Regardless of the type of roof you have, it is important to keep it clean and have routine inspections to help prevent any damage from occurring or worsening. Taking these precautionary steps will help lengthen the lifespan of your roof and could also save you money down the road.

Roofing Materials - Metal RoofThe potential downsides of having a metal roof

While there are many benefits to having a metal roof, just like everything else there are some downsides and it’s important to be aware of them.

Aside from the price, which we will cover next, additional noise is an issue that is sometimes faced with these types of roofs. Since the roof is metal it doesn’t absorb sound as well as other roofing options such as asphalt shingles. With that being said, it is common to at times hear the rain hitting your roof during heavy storms. This is not a concern for all people but if it is one for you there are some things that can be done to prevent or limit this from occurring. One thing you can do is have your roof installed over a solid wood decking or add fiber insulation boards to help absorb more of the sound.

This next issue pertains more to standing seam metal roofs and that is oil canning. Oil canning is when your roof looks like it is warping and bubbling all over.  When a standing seam metal roof is installed with the panels too close together it will cause oil canning to occur. This is because there is no space given for the panels to expand. While oil canning will not cause any damage to your roof or investment, it does take away from your home’s curb appeal and is not the most pleasing to look at. 

Oil canning is very preventable as long as you make sure that an experienced roofing company who has a history installing metal roofs does your installation. That is why it’s important to always do your research on a company before hiring them to do any work on your home.

The cost of a metal roof

Now that we covered what types of metal roofs there are as well as the benefits and downsides of them, we can talk about the price of installation. 

Between the two metal roofing options, the screw-down metal roof is the cheapest option. Screw-down metal roofs can cost about $4.00 per square foot on the cheaper side while a standing seam metal roof can cost anywhere from $12.00 to $16.00 per square foot. 

It is important to remember that all roofs are different and therefore will cost different amounts for installation. Roof size, complexity, and any additional work needed are all factors that can affect the price. Since there are so many factors that go into roof installation it is hard to give a set price. To get the best idea of how much a roof metal roof replacement would cost we suggest having a roofing contractor come perform an inspection to give you an accurate quote.

Wrapping it up

While both of these metal roofing options are great, we recommended the standing seam metal roof for most homes. While it is more expensive, the panels will be allowed to expand and contract, decreasing the possibility of oil canning and they last a long time. We’ve said it before on here, with roofing you get what you pay for. Plus, a standing seam metal roof will boost your home’s curb appeal immensely and give your home a unique look.

We hope that this article helped you learn more about the metal roofing options available and can help you make the decision on if one is right for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We covered a lot of information in this article and it’s normal to have questions. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about metal roofing along with their answers. Do you still have a question? Please contact us and we will answer it personally. We also suggest checking out our Learning Hub where we post new roofing content like this every week.

Q: Can I install my metal roof myself?

A: While you technically can, we strongly advise not doing so. Failure to successfully install a metal roof can result in damage to your home as well as issues such as oil canning. Metal roofing is very specific and it is best to hire an experienced contractor to install it.

 Q: Will a metal roof add value to my home?

A: Yes, a metal roof can increase the value of your home due to its materials, lifespan, and boost in curb appeal. 

Q: What is the best type of metal roof?

A: If you choose to have a metal roof installed we highly suggest going with a standing seam metal roof both for functionality and curb appeal purposes.

Q: What roof is more efficient, a metal or asphalt one?

A: Metal roofs are more efficient because they provide good insulation and they also reflect sunlight during the warm summer months.

Q: What color metal roof is the most popular?

A: Neutral colors such as browns and grays tend to be the most popular option. There are many different colors to choose from allowing you to personalize your home to your liking as well as boost your curb appeal.

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