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Storms can damage homes in a number of ways. Because your roof is the first line of defense it is the first to sustain damage in severe weather. Unfortunately, you must act quickly when your roof is damaged before more serious problems develop. Sometimes the damage can require only minimal roof repairs, but sometimes it can lead to a complete roof replacement.

With so many Charlotte roofing companies to choose from, it’s common for inexperienced contractors to seek your trust. Choosing the wrong company to work on your home will only cause more problems in the long run. At Liberty Roofworks, our team of roofing professionals are ready to restore your roof quickly and cost-effectively. We take great pride in what we do. Call us at 704-463-8177 for assistance with storm damage roof repair in Charlotte, NC.

Types of Storm Damage 

Storms ever number of weapons in their arsenal. There are so many things that your roof needs to defend itself from when being attacked by storms and any one of them has the ability to cause damage and compromise your roofs integrity. In the Charlotte area we typically see storms that produce the following types of damage: 

Hail Damage

Storm Damage

Charlotte, NC Roof Storm Damage

The Carolinas are geographically situated within a weather band known for producing large hail. Hail damage is far more common and much more severe than many people realize. The smallest amount of hail is undeniably capable of damaging nearly any roof.

Depending upon the material that is on your roof hail damage comes in many forms, the most notable typically come in the form of dents, splits or cracks that adversely impact your roofs ability to shed water. Leaks invariably follow in the damage they cause is like a cancer. Furthermore, now that the protective coating on the shingle has been compromised ultraviolet radiation accelerates the deterioration of the roofing material.  

It’s because of problems like these that hail must be dealt with immediately. We have restored thousands of roofs that were damaged by hail. We work directly with your insurance carrier to ensure that your home is repaired quickly and affordably.

Wind Damage 

Your roof is also in the direct line of high winds, which are known to cause many roofing problems. When high winds cause shingles to become loose or even become detached, more problems are sure to follow. High winds cause damage to roofs in Charlotte all the time. Regular maintenance and inspection after high winds are recommended.  


Flying debris or limbs from a tree that a storm throws at your roof can cause tremendous damage. Oftentimes immediate assistance is required anytime debris comes in contact with the roof. If any tree limbs or debris fall onto your roof you will need to discuss this with a roofing professional at once to protect from further damage.  

Potential Consequences 

The most unfortunate aspect of any of these types of damage is that they don’t just stop at the roof. The roof is the first and last line of defense, once water makes its way in begins to damage many components of your home at once. Failure to address these issues will only lead to more damage and more expensive repairs in the future.  

A damaged roof means that your home is now exposed to the weather. This type of exposure invariably leads to moisture infiltration spreads quickly throughout your house. High moisture content caused by water leaks are known to become a breeding ground for harmful molds and structural deterioration that will quickly spiral out of control. If this type of damage is not controlled wooden structural components will begin to warp and delaminate which causes permanent structural damage to your home.  

Roof damage can also lead to debris entering your home and even pests and critters gaining entry into your attic, insulation and walls. As you already know, these types of problems cannot be fixed quickly or cheaply.Our Storm Damage Services

There is never a convenient time for roof damage to occur, however working with a professional can make all the difference. If you’d like to prevent problems described above comparative that you reach out to a professional team like. We are experts at identifying storm damage, implementing emergency preventative measures, assisting our clients through the insurance claims process and ultimately restoring your property to its original condition. Rely on our professionals for storm damage roof repair.

Roof Storm Damage

At Liberty Roofworks Company, we offer a full line of storm damage repairs that assist you in fixing problems quickly. We know how critical it is to make sure that your roof is referred quickly so that no further damage can occur. We are happy to provide you a free 21 point roof diagnostic inspection so that you know where your roof stands.

Whether you have severe structural damage from limbs and debris in an isolated area of your roof or if you’re entire roof has been compromised by hail we will work with you to find a cost-effective and practical solution for your home.

Roof Storm Damage Restoration

When storms hit Liberty Roofworks hits back. We offer emergency inspections and tarping services for the hardest hit homes; we will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance carrier and documenting damage discovered. We will even meet with your insurance adjuster on site to review our finding and be an advocate for you negotiating on your behalf to ensure that the claim is handled properly to ensure your roof gets the critical attention you deserve. Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Where happy to offer our many years of experience with insurance companies in the claims process to you in order to help you navigate through this complex process. Unfortunately, it can be very painful to deal with most insurance companies and requires a tremendous amount of your time and energy. It is well-known that insurance carriers often do not handle property damage claims in a timely and professional manner, nor they compensate fairly enough to ensure that your home is restored to its original condition.

You must provide accurate and detailed information in order to have a successful outcome what your insurance company. It is a joy for us to assist you and your insurance provider to work through this process. Our experience will undoubtedly streamline the entire process and prevent unnecessary delays or surprises. The devil is always in the details, it’s important that you work with a company that knows and understands the many loopholes and pitfalls in the insurance industry.Choose A Roofing Company You Can Trust

Your roof is the most important part of your house, without it you wouldn’t be able to live in your house. This is why roof problems need to be dealt with urgently. Our team of roofing experts at Liberty Roofworks knows exactly what to do and we don’t waste time.

If you need reliable company that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau we are here to help in North and South Carolina. As a licensed general contractor, we know what it takes to restore your roof correctly and our track record speaks for itself.

If you need to speak with somebody about storm damage roof repair, need a quote, or a free 21 point roof diagnostic inspection call us today at 704-463-8177.

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