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Residential Roof Replacement Experts

The right roof not only looks amazing and safeguards your home and possessions but it is also meant to perform for a long time. Although, what do you do when it’s reached the end of its life expectancy and starts to break down? What are your many options when high wind or hail damage your roof? How do you address water damage on the interior of your home?

Not only is it important to install a roof properly to ensure it functions properly for your home, but another consideration is as it ages, just when is the right time to replace it? Weather conditions, aging, and typical day-in and day-out use can all lead to a heavily worn roof, and Liberty Roofworks is the company to get your roof back into working order.

Charlotte NC Roof Replacement

At Liberty, we deliver the finest quality roofing services in Charlotte, to diagnose, install, repair and replace the roof on your home. You can rely on our local team of expert roofers who are friendly and professional and are ready to work hard for you and your family to ensure your roofing needs are addressed. Our comprehensive 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection will provide you with all the information about your roof, it’s current condition, ailments, and suggested remedies. The peace of mind that comes from this type of thoroughness is what our clients have come to trust about Liberty over the years.

Do you have concerns about your roof? Call us Today at 704-463-8177 to schedule a free consultation with a certified roofing specialist. We’ll perform a thorough 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection. You will know the precise condition of your roof and will have a custom-tailored action plan that makes sense for you. Rely on our team for your residential roof replacement.

How To Know When It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Age of Roof

The number 1 indicator of whether or not you need a new roof is the age of the roof. Roofs begin to breakdown the day they are installed. The most important day in the life of a roof is the day that it’s installed, and the most important aspect of that day is, who installs it.

From that day forward mother nature and the maintenance of your roof will determine the rest. There are varying qualities of asphalt roofing shingles, some are designed to last up to 50 years, however these products are very rare due to their high cost. 99.9% of roofs today last about 20 years. High winds and large hail can destroy a brand-new roof. How long will your roof last, who knows?

The only surefire way to tell is to get a 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection from Liberty Roofworks today. Call us for more information about a residential roof replacement.

Water Leaks

There are two types of roofs; roofs that leak and those that don’t. Leaks can cause considerable damage in a very short period of time. Leaks are caused by several issues, quality of material, quality of installation are the primary issues, however underlayment, flashings and other accessories can also be a factor, not to mention storm related damage. Nine out of ten roof leaks can be repaired without having to replace your roof.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Missing shingles on a roof are typically red flags that your roof must be replaced. We live in Charlotte too, our homes get the exact same torture from the sun, damage from wind, rain and hail. Roofs are like an appliance for your home that never turn off, they are always at work. This relentless stress eventually leads to critical failures over time. When the damage to your roof is visible from the ground it’s time to call a roofing professional for residential roof replacement in Charlotte, NC.

The Difference Between Replacing and Repairing Your Roof.

At Liberty Roofworks, we repair just as many roofs as those that we replace. There is a huge difference between the two. Replacement is the process of removing all of the existing shingles and underlayments, and disposing of the waste, then installing all new shingles, underlayments and accessories. Repairs are typically the replacement of a few shingles or are isolated to a small section of roofing and can be completed very quickly at a much lower cost than replacement.

Regular maintenance is a must. Our roofing specialists are available to perform a 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection to help you determine whether your roof requires a simple repair or is in need of a full replacement. Typically, newer roofs only require a simple repair, whereas older roofs may require many repairs or even replacement.

If you are unsure of whether or not your roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced, Call Us Today to schedule your free 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection with one of our trusted roofing advisors.

Local Roof Replacement Services

Our team of roofing professionals that are licensed, bonded and insured are ready to help you with all your home and office roofing needs. We are known for our ability to tackle any job. We are obsessed with World-Class-Customer-Service for our fellow Charlotte residents, and as your local neighborhood roofing company you can count on being treated with fairness and respect.

From your first interaction with us on the phone to the final nail being installed, we keep you informed with constant communication. We’ve satisfied more happy clients than we can count. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and never cut corners. This commitment to quality and professionalism carries over into every facet of our company, from our internal processes and procedures to how we schedule and document job progress to even how we deliver the final warranty documents and clean up our jobsites.

As you’ve likely already guessed, replacing your roof is no small task. Aging or damaged roofs are also one of those things in life that we all tend to put on the back burner or even ignore until it’s too late. At Liberty we are aware of this, and if you are one of the many who feel you’ve waited too long, don’t be hard on yourself, it’s far more common than you would think. We help clients every day to break up payments into smaller segments over time so that everyone can take ownership of a safe roof.

Liberty Roofworks offers a variety of financing options so we can meet any budget without sacrificing quality. From no money down to 0% APR payment options we’re able to ensure you get the best products and services at a fair and affordable price.

Call Us Today to set up your free 21 Point Roofing Diagnostic Inspection where you will receive a custom quote for your residential roof replacement in Charlotte, NC needs. Our team at Liberty Roofworks are looking forward to meeting you and we are eager to work with you on your Charlotte home. Call Us Today at 704-463-8177.

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