Multifamily Service Repair

Multifamily Service Repair Experts

Owners of multifamily residential properties know that the safety of their tenants is a big responsibility. Liberty Roofworks helps by providing preventative maintenance to try and avoid untimely issues that can lead to more significant problems.

There are also those times when a situation is out of your hands from things like storm damage. In either situation, we are here to help. We work with property managers to plan for capital expenditures, devise a preventative maintenance game plan, and work with insurance claims on a restoration project. Your multifamily property deserves a restoration partner you can trust.


When your roof must be repaired or replaced, we believe you ought to have the very best, and that’s what we guarantee when you work with our staff. Carrying a full line of products and accessories from all the major roofing manufacturers, our standard is perfection and we do everything possible to make sure that your results reflect that.

How to Tell If Your Roof Was Installed Incorrectly

Large Loss Claims

Liberty Roofworks inspectors will happily provide help throughout the entire insurance claim process. This includes gathering evidence and assessing the extent of the damage. Once a claim is filed, we will advocate for our clients and ensure the right amount of money is granted. Should issues arise, we will fight for you until an appropriate offer is on the table. Our multifamily roofing experience helps us to expedite the claim process and get to work sooner. With us, there is no need to stress over insurance claims.

Multifamily Roof Replacement

Liberty Roofworks project managers and crew serve all over most of North and South Carolina. Our processes and way of working were originally designed with multifamily roofing in mind, so that remains one of our specialties. Contact us for more information.

Job Specification Development

Each home is unique which is why we formulate an individual plan and strategy for each project we take on. During a roof inspection, we identify all problem areas and determine what solutions are needed. Then, we create job specifications unique to that project before we begin to work.


Due Diligence Inspections

Liberty Roofworks complete due diligence inspections almost immediately when working with a client. It is during this that an in-depth inspection of the roof is done to identify all areas of concern. We then let our client know of the findings and formulate a plan of action.

Roof Life Cycle Extension

In multifamily homes, it’s common for some roofing elements to wear out before the surface of the roof does. Performing community maintenance service on 12 to 15-year-old roofs will help all of the roofing elements to age at the same rate. This means you will get more out of the life of your roof and get the most out of your money.

Technical Assignments

From installing metal roofs on challenging houses to setting up dozens of solar panels, we do it all. We are equipped to take on a wide variety of different roofing challenges. If a challenge is too extreme for us we will help come up with alternatives or work on brainstorming a solution.


Call today for a free quote on your multifamily complex. We’re here to provide exceptional shingle roofing throughout North and South Caronlina.

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