Electric bills are often a dreaded part of owning a home due to their outrageous prices at times. A lot of first-time homeowners are oftentimes taken aback by how much an average electric bill can cost. Our homes rely on energy to keep us warm in the winter and cool during the summer, which adds up over time.

 When paying a monthly electric bill through a power company, you are not just paying for “heat”. Instead, you are essentially paying for the fossil fuels used, the amount of energy your home consumes, and the transportation of the energy from the power plant to your home. There are a lot of moving parts that go into creating energy and it is an expensive process.

Luckily, thanks to solar power and its technological improvements over the years, homeowners are experiencing significantly lower electric bill prices, and you can too! Today we are going to be talking all about solar power, its benefits, and how it can save you money each month. 

What is solar power?

Solar power is a newer form of energy that is used to power homes, buildings, cars, and more. Essentially what happens is sun rays are collected and their energy gets converted directly into power that can be used in a multitude of ways. For homes, it is most commonly used for both heat and electricity.

The sun is converted into energy and power by using solar panels. Solar panels can come in a variety of different sizes with different levels of capabilities. In residential homes, solar panels are most commonly found lining the roof, laying flat on top. Solar power and solar energy itself have been used in unique ways since before biblical times, however as technology has improved, so have solar power capabilities.

Solar power gives homeowners the opportunity to create their own energy in their home and store it there until it is needed. This eliminates the process of getting your power from a power plant and relying on an outside source. There are so many unique benefits to solar power and today we will be covering some of them.

Solar power is better for the environment

We have all heard about the danger we have put our environment in by now, and our traditional source of energy is not helping the issue. How we as people function on a day-to-day basis plays a huge role in why our environment is in the state it is in. One great thing about solar power is that it is so much better for the environment and a great way to help make an impact on the earth.

The huge power plants that power the majority of American homes rely on using non-renewable resources such as oil and coal to produce their energy. This means that at some point, we will run out of these materials and there is only a set amount on earth. These materials are burned to produce the power we need, and are released into the atmosphere as harmful gasses and toxins.

Solar power on the other hand serves the exact same function as coal and oil, except it is a renewable energy source. This means that we will never run out of it, we will never run out of the sun. The sun is as natural as it can get and is not going anywhere. With that being said, there is no risk to our environment and it’s a safer and more efficient energy source for your home to rely on since no harsh gasses or fumes are being released into the air.

Solar Power is accessible anywhere 

Another huge benefit of solar power is that it is accessible anywhere since the sun always shines. Even if the sun is not present or it is an extremely cloudy day, solar panels are still able to do their job. In fact, any home can be a solar-powered home. However, homes located in more sunny areas will naturally reap the most benefits.

Solar power allows homeowners to collect and store a bunch of energy in their own homes. Once collected, the solar power can be stored in something called a solar battery until it is needed. This means that if you have a day full of sunshine one day, you can store away that energy to be used on less sunny days.

Solar power increases home value

Yes, you read that correctly. Homes that are equipped with properly installed solar panels can experience an up to a 4% increase in value. This is due to both the amount of money invested into having the technology installed, as well as the technological advancement of the home compared to others around it and its benefits. 

If you plan on moving, you will likely experience an increase in your property value and walk away with more money in the end. It is important to note that the amount your home value increases can depend entirely on where your home is located, so it is best to consult with your realtor for the most accurate information.

How solar power saves you money

Solar panels, when used properly, can actually save you a lot of money over time. The main expense here is the initial installation of the solar panels and batteries. This is a step you do not want to cut any corners on as it is extremely important.

Earlier we talked about how solar power gives homeowners the ability to produce their own energy and power without leaving their homes. This means they no longer have to rely on power plants that route power to their home each month via the electric grid. The prices that these power companies charge can change month by month, as we’re sure you have noticed, costing you a large chunk of money. 

Getting off of the electric grid and relying on solar power will save you a lot of money because your monthly bill will always be the same or incredibly similar. In other words, no more surprise leaps in costs for no apparent reason. Some homes may not have an electric bill at all as long as their home is fully powered by solar power and they paid off their panels.

Once you get past the initial investment, you will quickly find yourself saving a ton of money over time. The best part is that residential solar panels can last up to 30 years when properly maintained, so frequent installation is not a concern. 

Wrapping it up

Solar power is an amazing form of technology that is predicted to become more and more prevalent as the years go on. Thanks to its money-saving benefits, environmental benefits, and sustainability, many homeowners are making the switch and saying bye-bye to their electric providers.

Do not let the initial investment scare you off, but instead let it excite you for the future and how much money you will end up saving. We hope that you have a better understanding of what solar power is, its benefits, and how it can lower your electric bill each month.

Solar power can be a bit confusing to wrap your head around and it’s normal to have some questions about it. At Liberty Roofworks, we believe that every homeowner has the right to have access to all necessary information to educate themselves prior to having any work done to their home. That is why we created our Learning Hub where we post new roofing and solar-related content every single week. It is a great place to go if you want to learn more about an area of roofing and if it is right for your home. Check it out! 

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