Preparing For A New Roof ReplacementEveryone loves a good Curb Appeal; it’s usually the primary goal of every homeowner. Having a beautiful house that makes you feel welcomed in every moment you spend on it is the first step into creating memorable times with your family and loved ones for you to cherish forever.

Picture this: you pass by a house with an old and damaged roof, missing and curled shingles, some of them bloating up and covered with moss. Entirely unappealing for the eye. Nobody wants that! And it’s a clear indicator that you need a new roof installation. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Liberty Roofworks is here to help you get the best out of your home with the highest quality roofings of North Carolina.

There are plenty of aspects to keep in mind when getting a new roof for your house, but if you want to ensure an excellent curb appeal from your investment, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out how getting a new roof installation can affect your curb appeal.

The first thing you should consider is the material of your new roof since this affects both its aesthetic and durability. You don’t have to settle for the pre-established one of your original roof, allowing yourself to experiment with new and even more beneficial ones. Some of our favorites are:

Asphalt Shingles

This one is America’s classic. Because of its accessibility and duration, it rises above every other type of roofing. The installation is quite simple, and they come in plenty of variations of color and shapes that allow you to experiment with the way your roof presents without spending too much money on it.

Although, if you’re interested in taking an extra step and don’t mind spending a bit more on your roofing, you can get luxury shingles. These resemble asphalt shingles but are larger, thicker, and more enduring. These shingles aren’t only pleasing on a practical matter, but they improve your curb appeal by remaining good as new for a longer time than regular ones.

Wood Shingles & Wood Shakes

These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing roofing out there; they find their origins in colonial times where they would be split open from knots of wood. Nowadays, we cut these slates from the finest cedar trees, and they can be as rugged or as smooth as you want them to be.

Keep in mind that even though there’s a protecting process where we coat them by protecting layers, these kinds of shingles can damage, rot, and crack a lot faster than any other type; they are also more susceptible to fire. Wood shingles require a high level of maintenance if you want to preserve your curb appeal as fantastic as new. Hence the reason why these aren’t as popular today as they were around the 50s.

Clay or Ceramic Tiles

Clay tiles get created by molding this material into beautiful patterns for your roof. They have loads of benefits. Including fire resistance, their color won’t fade no matter how much time has passed because of the cooking process that takes place at the moment of creating these tiles. 

Ceramic tiles also come in a broad spectrum of colors, such as white, yellow, orange, and even brown, being the most famous terra-cotta, which is the one you can see more often in Hispanic architecture.

Slate Shingles

In terms of enduring, this one is your best option. Since they consist of 100% natural stone, they can go through all the hardship of mother nature and remain as beautiful as they were when you bought them. Nevertheless, they do need eventual repairs and cleaning if you want to prevent moss from growing in them, for which you have to be careful since they tend to be very slippery.

These slates are famous for adorning hundreds of historical buildings, giving them a royal-like aesthetic, and they tend to reach high prices since they are high-end slates, but this material is worth it in terms of appeal and durabilty. Be aware that these slates are extremely heavy, and your house has to have specific requirements to support them without any accidents.

Metal Shingles

The upfront cost of metal roofing might be higher than regular asphalt shingles, but the durability makes up for it. You probably don’t see this as a good option for your home, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Metal shingles have evolved from those regular slates you would see at your school to ones with unique designs that give your house a look that you would have never thought of before.

They endure challenging climate and fire better than most shingles and also require less maintenance. They have a risk of rusting with the pass of time and rain, but with an adequate provider, this risk becomes less prominent.

Synthetic Shingles

Be eco-friendly by using these recycled shingles made of re-purposed materials such as plastic and rubber. Unlike with other look-a-likes for shingles, these have handmade patterns that allow them to look like real ones and give your home that classic woody look you’re searching for.

These shingles are also a lot easier and safer to install, avoiding the headache of them breaking or crashing under their weight like regular shingles might do. They fall in the middle in the category of prices, but in practicality and aesthetics, they give a splendid result.

How to get a new roof

Great, you’ve decided that you want to switch up your home and give it a look it deserves. It’s time to ditch that old roof and create one with the best curb appeal of the block. Where should you begin?

First of all, consider the rest of your house. What kind of aesthetic do you think it resembles? Maybe you are going to need an expert to help you with this, but it’s never the wrong time to try and learn something new, especially when it’s something as personal as your own house. 

Now that we’ve settled that, this is the best advice you’re going to get: don’t limit yourself. You can switch up everything, from the material to the color of your roof. Maybe you’ll want to experiment with a dark brown color to contrast your white walls or a more light-hearted terra-cotta to give you more of a warm look. Picking the color is probably the most fun part of remodeling your roof, and you should allow yourself to have fun now that you’re at it.

Overlooking the shapes is a rookie mistake; avoid falling from it by paying attention to the structure of your house. If your roof is the show’s main star, you can use elaborate figures such as cross gables. Meanwhile, if your home already has big windows and other noticeable features, the best is to opt for simpler lines rather than cluttering the scene. Balance helps you to maintain a high-quality curb appeal, which is the goal we’re aiming for.

Leaving aesthetics aside, installing a new roof can bring loads of benefits to your house. These are just some of them:

Saving Money

A newer roof automatically raises your house’s value, which is nothing but an investment for yourself. Whether you’re staying or selling your home, getting an enduring top sets those prices high when you decide that it is time to look for a different place. It also lessens the probability of changing or repairing your roof or getting other elements damaged from your top past its lifetime.

Protect your goods

Having a roof in good conditions protects your goods from other eventualities that they might go through. Don’t risk your ceiling, walls, or floors if you have the possibility of protecting them from the get-go. This point is especially true in places where floodings are typical, and houses need that extra reliability.

Don’t risk your health

Newer roofs with better conditions are also a safety plus for yourself and your family. Buildings can damage and be a hazard for the people that live in them. Conducting regular repairs and changes is best to ensure everything’s under control and that your home is entirely safe and sound.

Long-time investment

Getting a new roof installation from a professional will last you for even more than 25 years. With adequate maintenance from a professional, you can get the best out of your roofing and not worry about it for a very long time.

In conclusion, installing a new roof will affect your curb appeal, and it will be affected in a good way. You can use this installation to your advantage and make your home look exactly how you’ve always dreamt of, and you’re encouraged to find a professional who can advise you during the whole process.

Those professionals are closer than you think. With just one click, you can reach out to us and solve all your installation inquiries, which includes helping you pick a new roof based on your necessities and preferences.

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