Owning a home can cost a lot of money at times, especially regarding roofing. Having a roof installed is an investment and an expensive one at that. Every now and then something bad may happen to your roof such as storm-related damage. When an event like this occurs it is important to report it to your insurance and submit a roof claim. While claims go through with no issues all the time, sometimes there are some roadblocks such as your claim being denied.

When a claim is denied it can be extremely stressful and frustrating. It may seem tempting to lose your temper or give up but that is never the right idea. Today we will be talking about what you should do should you ever find yourself having a roof claim denied.

What causes roof insurance claims to be denied?

No homeowner ever wants to hear that their insurance claim got denied because that means they have to continue with the insurance process. Insurance claims can be denied for several different reasons. One of the most common reasons is that there may not be any damage to report. When this happens this means that the owner had reasons to believe their roof was damaged, or they are trying to win money. 

Sometimes you may actually have roof damage and a roofer may still deny a claim and the presence of any damage at all. We say to always trust your gut and never be afraid to have a second opinion from another local professional for the most accurate advice.

Another reason you may not have a roof insurance claim approved is that you reported it too late. Just like many other things in this world, reporting an insurance claim has a deadline. It is super important to adhere to your insurance sp[ecific policies. Never put off addressing roof damage of any kind or else the damage may become more and more severe. Make any necessary insurance claims as early on as possible to limit the chances of this ever happening to you. Some other potential reasons a roofing claim may be denied is because of a poor roof installation, the age of your roof, and more.

My Roof Insurance Claim Got Denied: Now What?

If for whatever reason your insurance claim gets denied, do not panic. When an insurance claim is pending an adjuster from your specific insurance company must come out and assess the state of your roof. Most of the time if there is an issue with the claim being approved it has to do with the adjuster.

You are always able to ask for another insurance adjuster to come to look at your roof and assess the damage themselves. Sometimes it just takes a second look for it to be approved and some adjusters are more experienced than others. If both adjusters agree that there is no reason for a claim to be filed then that is most likely the truth.

Aside from insurance adjusters, you can also get help from your go-to local roofing company in most cases. Insurance companies can get away with more when dealing with an inexperienced homeowner, but when it comes to professional roofers that’s a different story. Some roofers have more experience dealing with insurance claims than others, and you want one that knows their stuff. Your roofing contractor can help fight and advocate for you throughout the insurance claim process as they have much more experience with it all.

Wrapping it up

Storm damage to a roof or any damage for that matter is never an exciting thing to deal with. It is, however, important to deal with it in a timely manner instead of putting it off. The insurance claim process is a long one when it comes to roofing, so be sure to keep that in mind going into it. It is always helpful to have a local roofing company that you trust to help advocate for you during the insurance claim process and never be scared to seek second and even third opinions.

We hope that you found this article helpful! 

We believe that all homeowners have the right to be fully educated on the world of roofing. That is why we created our Learning Hub, an online blog where we post fresh roofing-related content every single week on a variety of different topics. We have quite a few articles on there already about the insurance claim process and how to file one. Educating yourself on the roofing process helps prevent you from being scammed by sketchy roofers and allows you to make the best-informed decisions for your home. Check out our Learning Hub to learn even more about insurance claims!

We are here to help!

At Liberty Roofworks we understand what an important purpose your roof serves. Having roof damage of any kind is a very serious matter. With over 20 years of professional roofing experience under our belts, this family-owned and operated business can take on any roofing job thrown our way. 

Dealing with insurance claims can be a real nightmare to first-timers, but we are used to it! We actually specialize in working with insurance people and acting as an advocate for you, the consumer. Aside from dealing with insurance adjusters, we offer roof repair services, replacements, and so much more. We even offer solar panel installation for those who may find that interesting.

We understand how important customer service is which is why we make it our number 1 priority each and every day. Please never hesitate to reach out and ask any of us girls individual questions. Another part of having superb customer service is knowing you can trust and rely upon your employees. All of our roofers are professionally trained, licensed, and insured. We always want our customers to feel informed and involved throughout the entire roofing process. That is why we provide them with frequent updates and answer any and all questions that may have at any point in the roofing process. With us, quality work is a guarantee!

Are you or someone you know in need of any roofing-related services? Contact us today and we would be more than happy to send one of our professional roofers to perform a thorough inspection of your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Roof Claims

We just threw a lot of information at you and it is perfectly normal to have some questions come to mind. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive as well as our answers. If your question is still not answered please contact us and we will be happy to answer it personally.

Q: What are insurance adjusters looking for on your roof?

A: They are looking for any damage that will back up your reason for filing a claim. In other words, they provide a very detailed roof inspection of all of your roofing components.

Q: How do I know if I should file an insurance claim on my roof?

A: In most cases of damage you always want to file an insurance claim as it can help save you money. However, if the damage is very minor it may be worth not even bothering with a claim because you can get it fixed much quicker by hiring a roofer instead of waiting for the insurance process to be completed.

Q: My roof is leaking, can I file an insurance claim for that?

A: The answer to this question is yes and no. If this leak came out of nowhere due to an unexpected traumatic event to your roof, then yes you should absolutely file an insurance claim. If the leak came from a roof’s old age or any type of neglect on the owner’s end, then no, you should not submit a claim as it would not be covered.

Q: Does your roof’s age matter to insurance companies?

A: Yes it does! Insurance companies are far more likely to only cover roofs that have been installed within a certain time period. Getting renewed homeowners insurance on some older roofs can be near impossible without the completion and passing of a roof inspection. This is because older roofs are far more likely to experience damage and issues. The average roof can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years for reference.

Q: What type of damage counts as storm damage?

A: Storm damage can look different depending on the area you live in. Damage from the wind can include missing shingles and holes in your roof from flying debris. Harsh rain can cause leaks and bubbles to form under your shingles. Then there are some minor forms of storm damage such as small dents to flashing and shingles after the minor hail. In those cases, it may not always be worth it to file an insurance claim. If you are ever unsure about if an insurance claim is necessary or not we suggest asking a roofing professional for a quick inspection and their opinion.

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