Solar power has become one of America’s go-to alternative energy sources. However, that hasn’t stopped people from talking about its negative aspects, such as its price and whether it works or not, but are all of these drawbacks true? People keep installing solar panels in their homes and properties, so there must be something good about solar energy.

That’s why we wanted to create this quick guide to determine whether using solar energy is worth it or not. Moreover, we’re going to go through several pros and cons for you to understand solar power as a whole and decide if it is an investment you would like to commit to.

Essential Things You Must Know Before Installing Solar Panels

The truth is that when solar panels first appeared on the market, they were extremely expensive and not very efficient. Still, nowadays, the solar energy industry has been tweaking its technology to provide a much better service for anyone to get access to. Moreover, it is a fantastic perk if you’re looking to reduce your yearly taxes, as installing solar panels allows you to qualify for a 26% federal tax credit.

Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that not every home is suitable for having solar panels, so you must do thorough research on whether you can install them or not. Some of the things to keep in mind are your geographic location, the shape of your roof, and the needed voltage supply for your home. If you’re unsure about any of these aspects, don’t be shy and give us a call for a quick and free consultation.

In most areas of North Carolina, you shouldn’t have any problem when installing solar panels. In the long run, they can give you a fantastic return on investment, even after considering the cost of installing and maintaining them. Moreover, it is always a great idea to switch to an alternative power source to care for the world around us.

What Is Solar Energy?

We create solar power by taking energy from the sun and converting it into electrical or thermal energy. This is one of the best and most popular alternative energies globally because it is widely available for anyone at any time. Moreover, America is one of the countries with more advanced technology regarding solar power, and we’ve been using it for years to power our homes, industries, and several other locations.

Furthermore, we can use three types of solar power. The most common is photovoltaics, which consists of electronically processing the sunlight and creating energy. Other methods are solar heating and concentrating solar power, which are used to generate heat in a determined space.

Moreover, we can build our solar energy generators in two main ways, distributed generators and central stations. These methods allow you to store the energy, so you never run out of it, even during the night.

You also must know that specific policies in the U.S. regulate solar power and any other alternative energy, so it is vital for you to choose a reliable company to install your solar panels.

Solar Panel InstallPros and Cons of Solar Power

The best way of creating a solid opinion on solar power is by educating ourselves on the subject. Therefore, please keep reading the following list of all the pros and cons you’re going to face when installing solar panels on your property.

Solar Power Benefits

Scientific Approval

Scientists began experimenting with solar power back in the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that we were finally able to power our devices with it. Nowadays, photovoltaic solar energy has spread worldwide, and we have more than 47 gigawatts of solar capacity in the U.S. alone. This proves to us the scientific value of this renewable energy and allows us to predict that solar power is going to become a huge energy source in the upcoming years.

Suitable for Many Climates

There is a common misbelief that you can’t use solar power if you live in a cold climate, but solar technologies have advanced so much that they allow people to achieve the same power level even without as much direct light. Moreover, being exposed to too much heat could damage the internal mechanics of the solar panel, directly impacting the quality of the voltage you receive.

However, keep in mind that in some cases, if you live in colder or more cloudy areas, you may need to invest more in larger equipment to properly power your house. Still, anyone can use solar power as long as you get at least a little sunlight per day.


The installation and maintenance price of owning a solar energy system has been dropping throughout the past decade. This is because scientists worldwide have been trying to make alternative power sources more accessible to anyone who may need them. In some cases, it can even be cheaper to use solar energy than conventional electricity.

Moreover, suppose you decide to use solar power. In that case, you are going to get several tax benefits due to state policies that are meant to promote the usage of alternative energy sources. You may even be able to get a lease or financing option for paying for your home electrical upgrade.

Compatible with Electricity Grids

In some states, you can get rewarded for lending your excess solar energy to the utility grid for others to use. This way, you can get paid while helping other people take care of the planet.

Long-lasting Investment

Solar panels tend to last for years as long as you properly maintain them. This makes them a life-long investment, even if you live in a place where you usually get a harsh climate.

Increases Home Value

Owning solar panels can increase your home value by up to five percent compared to homes that use traditional energy. This makes it an ideal investment if you plan to sell or rent your property soon.

Anyone Can Use It

You don’t need to belong to any political party or sympathize with any ideology to use solar power. Anyone in the world can use it because of its several financial and ecological benefits, which is why most Americans embrace it.

the pros and cons of solar powerSolar Power Cons

Can’t Be Used at Night

A huge drawback of solar power is that most of its installations only allow using the energy in real-time. This tends to worry homeowners, as there’s no way to find solar power during the night. However, the industry has recently developed solar batteries and utility grids which allow you to store energy to fuel your house during the night.

Lack of Aesthetic Attractiveness

When solar panels were first introduced to the market, they were extremely bulky and unappealing to the eye, so many people believe this is still the case. However, nowadays, you can find several sleek and minimalist designs in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Moreover, if you have the right roof, you may even be able to install solar panels that are entirely invisible from the street. Still, remember that sometimes people think something is unappealing because they’re not used to seeing it, but as more people keep investing in solar energy installations, seeing them may stop causing so much visual impact. 

Must Be Installed by Professionals

Installing solar panels is extremely challenging, and it is almost certain that you aren’t going to be able to do it yourself. In the best-case scenario, you may give up mid-way and realize it is better to call a professional, but you may break something and lose your investment in the worst-case scenario.

Moreover, if you hire professionals, you’re sure to get everything done much faster, and if anything bad happens, you still have a warranty to cover it.

Some Roofs Aren’t Compatible

You must be aware that not all roofs are compatible with solar power installations, as you need to ensure the panels get enough direct sunlight throughout the day. The best thing to do is to work with a company that’s used to dealing with several types of roofs and optimizing their installation to create enough energy, even in shady areas.

Can Affect the Environment

Although solar power is one of the cleanest energies globally, we still have to create panels. There’s a slight environmental effect in any manufacturing process due to the materials that need to be used. However, most of the industry aims to avoid most of the pollution, so we constantly adapt our processes to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sometimes the Materials Aren’t Durable

This is common in any industry, but a quick solution is investing in reliable brands with a long trajectory. After all, your solar panels are supposed to last you for decades before having to replace them.

Bottom Line

Investing in solar energy is investing in your future, and there’s no better way to do it than hiring the best company in North Carolina. If you’re interested in this, please contact us today or give us a call at (704) 463-8177 to get a free estimate.

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