How to Repair TPO Roofing

Contractors utilize TPO membranes due to its toughness and capacity to have their seams hot-air welded. Despite their resistance to tearing, impact, and punctures, they are not impervious to these structural faults.

TPOs lose their quality when exposed to outdoor settings for an extended period of time, while being inexpensive and energy-efficient. Every TPO roofing system eventually experiences wear and requires repair. Fixing the TPO is therefore crucial.

No matter what problems you find, a quick fix won’t work. Even while it can be cheap now, the price will go up when you need to deal with more than just the original issue.

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    What Options Are Available for Repair? 

    The results of an inspection and what a core sample or infrared inspection reveal are everything.

    Depending on the extent of the damage to your TPO roof, there are three possible consequences.

    Little Damage

    Consider that water is seeping into the cafeteria of your facility. When the roofer ascends to the roof above the café, he discovers that the flashing of an exhaust pipe is harmed.

    To determine how saturated the insulation is, they then take core samples every 10 feet around the pipe. Removal and replacement with related material mark the conclusion of this.

    If there are no holes or loose joints in the other roof components up there, the roofer rates the roof as decent.

    Medium Damage

    Imagine a scenario identical to the one above, but with more of the insulation being wet.

    Let’s also imagine that a closer inspection of the rest of the roof reveals other holes and fissures.

    Even while it’s possible that water hasn’t yet entered your building through these spots, each downpour causes more insulation to absorb water. That water will eventually get into the building.

    An appropriate solution in this situation would be to restore the roof using a silicone coating method.

    Heavy Damage

    Compared to the second situation, the TPO roof has more loose flashings and cracks.

    Additionally, it is discovered that a number of the seams are no longer joined. After noticing this, a roofing expert will do an infrared inspection to determine how much of the roof is wet.

    Let’s imagine that the infrared inspection revealed that 50% of the roof was saturated.

    The building owner would benefit by ripping off the entire roof in this instance and beginning over.

    Steps to Repairing TPO

    Pinpoint Exactly Where the Damage Is

    Leakage evidence on your home can indicate that the TPO roof is broken. However, any other issues might not be seen until you conduct a thorough check.

    You might not have the skills or expertise necessary to assess your TPO roof for problems, therefore it is best to hire a professional roof inspection.

    Qualified and trained inspectors will evaluate the precise state of the roof and inform you of the necessity of repairs.

    Prepare Your TPO Roofing System for Repairs

    As soon as you notice the roof needs to be fixed, the TPO roof surface needs to be prepared for repairs.

    Throughout this procedure, several TPO cleaning solutions are used to clean the surface. This ensures that any contaminants, filth, debris, or grime are cleared away that can impair how effectively the materials used for repairs adhere to the TPO substrate.

    It is crucial to make sure the TPO roof surface is pristine before beginning any repairs.

    Patch Simple Punctures

    If you discover that your TPO has cracks and holes, you can perform repairs because this single-ply roofing system can be heated and welded. You cannot, however, complete this task yourself because it is not simple.

    It requires considerable technological know-how and rather sophisticated equipment. It is advisable to leave this task to a professional because doing it incorrectly could endanger you or others and destroy your roof in the long run.

    Use a Roof Seal Repair Tape

    Currently, roof seal tapes are available for purchase both locally and online. You can use this tape to repair any broken holes in your TPO roof.

    You must reheat the seal tape to room temperature if the weather is frigid. Reheat the damaged area as you continue to apply heat, and then firmly roll the seal tape into place.

    How Can Water Leak Through a TPO Roof?

    Water can penetrate a TPO roof in various ways:

    The Seams

    A TPO roof membrane is created by fusing many large sheets together. By allowing them to cross each other and fusing them with heat, these can be joined chemically. Over time, this chemical bond can become less strong.

    Also, there could have been issues with the first installation.

    Perhaps the contractor overheated during the heat welding process, resulting in a burn that might have left holes in the membrane of the roof.

    Because the contractor might not have applied enough heat, the gaps might appear to have been joined after installation.

    Water seeps into the insulation underneath when seams fail.

    The Fasteners

    On a TPO roof, after being fastened with screws and plates, one sheet will be heat welded to an insulating board.

    With time, fasteners could start to separate. When they do, the screw hole creates a passageway for water to enter the insulation beneath the underlayment.

    The Flashings

    Flashings are added to TPO roofs to prevent water from entering the building where the roof joins a vertical component, such as a wall or HVAC unit.

    TPO roofs must be specially trimmed to fit the penetrations because they are supplied as sheets. The vertical framework is next adhered to or welded using flashings and boots.

    It’s possible for water to enter your building if the glue or weld fail.

    Cracks, Holes, or Punctures

    Dropped tools, flying debris, screws, nails, and other objects can cause a TPO roof to develop a hole, split, or puncture.

    You must make it possible for water to enter the insulation. This is caused by how thin the TPO sheet is. From the point where it makes contact with the insulation, deck, and your structure, it moves horizontally (and downward).

    Having a maintenance strategy in place is essential so that a professional can locate these areas and lessen the harm at least once a year.

    Long-term disregard for the existing holes simply makes things worse. You may need to rebuild your roof if the insulation gets that wet. If it is less than 25% saturated, you can fix it.

    Frequently Asked Questions about TPO Roofs

    How Do I Repair A TPO Roof By Myself?

    DIY tasks and performing any repairs are typically discouraged by all roofers due to their hazard and frequent need for a professional roofer. It is better to leave it to the experts in order to save time, money, and potential risks.

    You will also acquire warranties because qualified roofing contractors have completed thorough training and have been granted accreditation by the product’s maker. You most likely won’t receive a warranty if the roof is repaired by someone who isn’t qualified or approved by the manufacturer.

    How Much Will My TPO Roofing Repair Cost?

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question.

    The cost to repair a roof or construct a new roof system relies on a number of variables, such as the roof’s pitch, size, or the area of the roof that needs repair. In addition, it takes into account the kind of materials employed, the state of your roof, the quantity of shingle layers, the cost at the time, and the roofing contractor you select. Requesting a free quote is the quickest way to find out the price.

    Always keep in mind that since your roof is an investment, choosing a quick, inexpensive remedy will typically end up costing more in the long term.

    How Do I Choose the Right Roofing Contractor?

    Due to the abundance of alternatives, selecting the finest roofing contractor might be difficult.

    To begin started, seek referrals. If you can, get in touch with a few former clients to find out if there were any issues. For the same reason, look at the web testimonials for your contractor.

    A roofing contractor needs to be licensed and insured. Ask the company what products they use and whether their services and products are covered by warranties.

    Last but not least, a roofer should complete the job on schedule, clean up the area after completion, and address any issues as soon as they arise.

    It’s important to be aware of all of your options when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your home and roof. When you base your selections on information and reliable facts, you’ll always feel at ease.

    When you engage with us, a team of roofing repair experts who are committed to earning your entire satisfaction will be at your complete disposal.

    In Charlotte, North Carolina, call us if you need assistance with anything or if you need a TPO roof replacement. We are happy to help homeowners or business owners with their roofing-related problems because we have many years of experience.

    Call us now if you have any general questions about commercial roof systems or roofing installation in Charlotte, NC.

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