Solar energy is becoming more and more popular every year. Many homeowners are making the switch to solar power for multiple reasons, the savings on energy bills being one of them. Solar power is great for so many reasons and we predict that at some point all homes will utilize solar power in some capacity.

Today we are going to be talking about solar energy in the home and what costs go along with it. We will be discussing both upfront costs as well as hidden costs to anticipate down the line. We will also be talking about the changes you will likely see in your energy bills once you make the switch to solar power.

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Energy Bills

A common misconception about solar power is that once you use it in your home you will have no energy bills anymore. That is not true because you will still have energy bills, though your energy bills may look much different than before. There are still certain things that will happen that will equate to an energy bill being sent.

Yes, your energy bills will be less expensive but there are a few other costs that need to be considered when you’re thinking about switching to solar power. Solar power is an investment, and like all investments, it requires some money upfront. Having solar panels installed in your home is not cheap, but they last a very long time and will save you money in the long run. It’s important to think of the big picture when it comes to solar power. Now that we discussed expenses and the fact that an energy bill will remain present, here are some of the reasons for that.

You require electricity from the grid

There is nothing wrong with this at all, but it is a common reason to still have an energy bill. The grid is essentially a complex system of cables and paths that deliver electricity to residential homes. The electricity generated in a power plant and the prices of the electricity you consume can and will change on a month-by-month basis.

Very few homes are entirely solar power dependent and it’s normal to still be connected to the grid and have access to electricity when needed. This is important because unless you live in an area with essentially non-stop sunshine and have lots of energy storage in place, you will run out of energy until the next sunrise.

Houses that are still connected to the grid and utilize solar power may very rarely need to use much electricity from the grid, but if it was needed they would have it available to them. The time of year can impact how much stored solar energy you have access to. For example, winter is a time when you will see more of a difference in your energy bill. During the winter the days are shorter meaning there are fewer hours of available sunlight to collect and store. Though the stored solar energy that is collected can be used and save you money, some energy from the grid will likely be required as well.

The same thing goes for summer but reversed. With there being more hours of sunshine and nicer weather you are likely to see a decrease in your energy bill. This is because you will not be required to pull energy from the power grid nearly as much as you would in the wintertime.

What can I expect to have to pay for solar?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, you will first have to pay for the installation of your solar panels. The type of solar panels and the amount you decide to go with can increase or decrease the price. To get the best idea of how much money it will cost you, we suggest having an inspection done and getting a professional’s quote and opinion. Solar panel installation oftentimes can be paid off using a payment plan, so you may see some recurring bills for that first however many months are required.

Another expense you can figure you would be paying is the upkeep needed for solar panels. Solar panels are great because very little upkeep is needed, but some are still required. Having your solar panels cleaned regularly will ensure that you are harvesting the most energy possible and that you are getting your money’s worth. Every now and then you may have an issue with a panel or two that will require maintenance, but that is very rare.

Finally, you will of course have to pay your energy bill when needed. We already talked about that a lot in this article, but it is important to always figure that into your expenses as well. Energy bills can vary month by month because power companies can dictate what prices they want to charge for their energy. With solar power, that middle man gets eliminated and you as the homeowner get to enjoy consistent power at a consistent price which is free! The sun is free and it is not going anywhere. Not only does solar energy save you money in the long run, but it also gives you peace of mind because you are not in for any surprises when it comes to price.

Wrapping it Up

Solar power is an investment that is well worth it in our opinion. Yes, you may still have some bills that come with it, but it will be much cheaper than your electric bill without solar energy. You will really start to see the financial benefits and savings once you hit a year and up with solar energy. At that point, you will be able to compare all of your bills throughout the previous 12 months to what they would have been prior to having solar panels installed.

Overall solar power is great both for your wallet and even the environment. We have several other helpful and informative articles about solar power and solar panels on our Learning Hub for you to go check out. We hope that you now have a better understanding of what bills and costs come with switching to solar power. If you have specific questions about costs never hesitate to reach out to a local reputable contractor to ask. You can also reach out directly to solar panel companies in some cases or just continue what you are doing right now and do your own research via the internet.

We are here to help!

At Liberty Roofworks we understand the importance of your home which is why we provide only the finest customer service and installations. Solar panel installation is something that we are very familiar with and do regularly. All of our contractors are professionally trained, licensed, and insured. We can install solar panels on virtually any roof type and all of our work includes a warranty.

We also provide our customers getting solar panels installed with an amazing EveryVolt battery storage system. This allows you to store any excess energy collected throughout the day until you need it later. It’s a great backup to have and will lower your energy bill even more. With over 20 years of professional roofing and solar panel installation experience under our belts, no job is too big for us to take on. This family-owned and operated business knows the importance of trusting the contractor you hire to work on your home, and we take that very seriously. Aside from solar panel installation we also offer roof replacements/installations, repairs, inspections, and more. Customer service truly is one of our top priorities which is why our phone lines are always open if needed. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the necessary information you are looking for.

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Switching to solar power is a big deal and something to be excited about! With us, solar panel installation is easy and stress-free.

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