During the hot summer months, homes rely greatly on the power of air conditioning. Air conditioning is great because it keeps homes at a nice cool and regulated temperature and keeps people safe from the heat.

Most air conditioning systems are powered by electricity, but did you know they can run off of solar power? Solar-powered air conditioning is becoming more and more popular as summers get hotter and electricity bills get higher. Today we will be discussing what solar air conditioning is and how it works.

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What is solar air conditioning?

Solar air conditioning is the same as traditional air conditioning except it is powered by the sun instead of electricity. Solar power is becoming more prevalent in homes as each passes. Some homes are entirely solar-powered while others just use it for certain areas of a home.

Solar air conditioning is a new concept to many and may seem very confusing. Let’s dive into how exactly solar air conditioning works and how it differs from traditional electricity.

How does solar air conditioning work?

The sun is its own source of energy that we as humans have learned how to use. Through solar panels, the energy created by sun rays gets turned into energy. This energy will then power your air conditioning unit instead of traditional electricity. 

Solar energy can be created even on cloudy days. On days that have clear and sunny skies, solar energy can be collected and stored in solar batteries. These batteries are essentially a bank of extra energy that can be utilized whenever needed.

Traditional energy, in this case, electricity, is pulled from the power grid. The power grid is a huge network of power lines, both above and underground, that transfers energy from power plants directly to homes and other buildings. These power companies can change your monthly energy bill price whenever they please, and this is especially common during the summer months when the energy demand is high.

Solar power is great because it saves homeowners a ton of money. Solar energy is energy that you can create and store at your home and it never has to leave it. This process eliminates the need for electric companies to serve as the middleman between you and your source of power. Any bills that remain will cost significantly less money than your regular energy bill. 

With solar power, the main expense is the installation of solar panels. Solar panels are an investment and you have to think long-term.  

What are the benefits of solar air conditioning?

Air conditioning is air conditioning. At the end of the day, its job is fulfilled regardless of what the power source is. Switching power sources may not seem like a big deal, but there are many benefits that come with solar air conditioning and solar power in general. Here are a few of those benefits. 

Better for the environment

Solar power is much better for the environment than electricity. Solar power is created by the sun which is a renewable resource, meaning it will never run out. We will always have the power of the sun to harness and convert into energy.

Electricity on the other hand is created by burning non-renewable resources like coal. These non-renewable resources are limited in quantity and will eventually run out. When they get burned and converted into energy, harmful toxins and gasses are released into the atmosphere. Overall, solar power is a much more ethical and environmentally friendly energy option.

Increase property value

We mentioned before that solar panels are an investment. Well this investment, just like many others, will actually increase the value of your home. This means that when you sell your home you will receive more money from the buyer. This is because solar energy saves people money over time and is a sought-after energy option.

Lowers the number of power outages

Power outages are common in the summer for homes that run off of the power grid. When so many homes require increased energy to stay cool on hot summer days, the grid can get overwhelmed and result in a power outage. 

With solar power, this will not happen. The sun is a constant source of energy, and you will always have your batteries to fall back on if needed.

Wrapping it up

Our world is straying more and more from the traditional electricity way of life. As technology has advanced so have we and it will only keep increasing. Solar power has opened the door for a new type of energy. With so many unique benefits that not only help our wallets but also the planet, solar energy is becoming harder and harder to turn down.

Solar air conditioning is a great first step in transferring to a solar-powered life. That is because air conditioning typically accounts for the majority of the electric bill during the hot summer months. Eliminating that bill means more money in your pocket. Remember, do not let the initial investment of having the solar panels installed scare you away. Think of it as the first step in your eco-friendly and money-saving journey.

We hope that you have a better understanding of what exactly solar air conditioning is, how it works, and what its benefits are. If you still have any questions after reading this article please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer them for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Air Conditioning

We just threw a lot of information about solar power and solar air conditioning at you and it is perfectly normal to have some questions about it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about this topic and our answers. If you still have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them personally. Also, don’t forget to check out our Learning Hub to read some of our other solar power-related content.

Q: Does a solar air conditioner work as well as a traditional one?

A: Yes, solar air conditioners work just as well if not better than traditional electric air conditioners. Between the sun’s rays creating energy and using the stored energy in your solar batteries, there is always more than enough power available for your air conditioning to run properly.

Q: Will my solar air conditioning work at night?

A: Yes it will. This is when solar batteries are especially important to have. During the nighttime there is obviously no sun out, meaning there are no sun rays to convert to energy. When that happens solar power is not effective. However, solar batteries store the extra energy that is collected and unused throughout the day which is more than enough to power your air conditioning through the summer nights.

Q: Can I have my solar air conditioning on all day long?

A: Yes you can! Of course, having your solar air conditioning running all day will use quite a bit of energy. As long as you have enough solar panels to power your house then you should be fine. The amount of solar panels needed is based on how big your house is and how much of your home you want to be covered by solar air conditioning.

Q: Can an entire house run purely on solar power?

A: Yes! There are plenty of homes out there already that rely entirely on solar power. These homes require high-quality solar panels and plenty of energy batteries for storage, but it’s worth it and saves the owners a lot of money.

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