Let’s face it, having a new roof installed can be very expensive. We always talk about how a new roof is an investment, which is true. However, not everyone is always in the best place when it comes to finances and getting a new roof. In fact, the cost of a new roof is oftentimes a concern for many homeowners which is understandable. 

During difficult times, people often look for some way to help cut down on costs which in this case is getting a new roof. One way that people do this is by looking into only getting a partial or half roof replacement. While this may save some money, is it the right thing to do? Is having a partial roof replacement even possible? This is a question that we at Liberty Roofworks get a lot and we wanted to share our thoughts on it with you. By the end of this article, you will know whether replacing half a roof is a good idea as well as what some additional options may be. 

Partial or half roof replacements, a good idea or a mistake?

Can you replace half of your roofWhen customers ask us if they can replace half of their roof we are sure to tell them that technically, yes you can. However, just because you can does not mean that you should. Replacing half a roof seems like a great way to save some money but it is something that is rarely recommended or even done. In fact, most roofing contractors would never do this type of work which is a smart decision. If you ever find yourself with a leaky roof do not worry, in most cases, you will not even need a roof replacement. For things like that, replacing a section of shingles is often more than enough. However, replacing a full section of your entire roof is a waste and a bad idea. 

Why shouldn’t I replace half of my roof?

We know it may not sound ideal, but having a partial roof replacement is a bad idea. For starters, a half roof replacement will simply not look nearly as good as a full one would. A roof is a big part of your home and takes a toll on its overall appearance. It will be painfully obvious that one part of your roof looks different than the rest. Much like worn-out shoes next to a new pair, the original shingles will be faded and more worn-in while the new shingles will stand out more. This is not the best look and there is no way to prevent this from happening. If curb appeal is something that is of importance to you, you will not want to replace half of your room. Curb appeal also plays a big part in selling a home. Having a roof that is two different shades and clearly split down the middle is not something a prospective homeowner would like. If you plan on eventually selling this is an obstacle you will be faced with.

The reason people look into getting a partial roof replacement is to save money, but what if getting a partial roof replacement costs you more money down the road? Well, that is the case here. When you get a partial roof replacement you will not get the same warranty protection as you would a full roof replacement. In a full roof replacement, there are typically two warranties, one on the roofing materials and the other on your contractor’s workmanship. After investing in a new roof you always want to have those warranties as a safety net. When getting half of your roof replaced you will not be able to receive the 50-year non-prorated warranty that almost all shingle manufacturers offer when a full roof replacement is done. Replacing half of a roof will even void the warranty on your current/old roof. This is one of the many reasons why most roofing contractors will not even consider doing a half roof replacement. Any roofer that would go ahead and go through with this job may not be the best company to work with. 

Getting half of your roof replaced also messes up the lifespan of your roof and makes everything more difficult in the long run. When someone talks about the lifespan of your roof they are referring to how many years you are most likely to get out of your roof. When half of a roof gets replaced that means that shingles on each half will age at different rates. One side of your roof will always have to be replaced sooner than the other which means you are going to constantly be replacing half of your roof until you finally decide to replace the entire thing. It can also become confusing to remember and keep track of how long ago each half was installed and when inspections are needed. This is another reason why a half roof replacement is a bad idea. 

Replacing half of your roof may save some money at the moment, but trust us when we tell you that you will find yourself spending much more money than you should in the future. With two different lifespans on your roof, you will find yourself paying for more repairs than if you have gotten a full replacement. There are lots of charges that get included while having a roof repaired such as the cost of materials, labor, and even time. After paying for the inevitable multiple roofing half replacements you would have paid a lot more than you would have originally for a full replacement. Having half of your roof replaced is not the route to go.

Let’s think logistically

If the reasons listed above are still not enough to sway your mind about replacing half of your roof, let’s think about the logistics. In all honesty, roofs installed as a whole are not actually meant to be split in half. While yes it is of course possible to do, you can actually cause some damage to your home during the process ranging from a leaky roof all the way to potential structural issues. Is it really worth potentially causing more damage resulting in even more money spent?

Also, if your roof is already on the older side it may be too late to do a partial replacement. Roofs get brittle over time and may not be able to handle the stress a half replacement can cause. Your roof is meant to be a whole, replacing half of it is risky and there is no guarantee that it will be as effective as a full roof replacement would be. 

Aside from replacing a few individual shingles here and there, the only other time a part of your roof should be replaced is for patch jobs. Patch jobs are typically done when there is damage to less than half of your roof. It is always recommended that you have a licensed and experienced roofer come and perform an inspection to assess any potential damage as well as tell you about what your options are. Some damages such as water damage may require much more than a simple patch job. Most of the time patches are noticeable but are a good temporary and affordable solution. Eventually, though, we do recommend having the roof replaced entirely.

We are here to help

We hope that this article helped you better understand the risks of having half of your home’s roof replaced. While yes, it may seem like a way to save money at that moment, it will actually cost you more money in the end. There are far more cons to pros when it comes to replacing half a roof and it is for that reason that many experienced and reputable roofers will refuse to do this type of work. A roof is an important part of every home. There are very few shortcuts that should be made when it comes to roof replacement. Though roof damage never comes at a convenient time, it is important to keep safety in mind as well as think about any future consequences that may come with replacing only half of your roof. If money really is a major concern, not all hope is lost. At Liberty Roofworks we do our very best to work with our clients to find an effective roofing solution that can work with their budget. Whether you are curious as to what your roofing options are or even struggling with an insurance claim, we are happy to sit down with you and answer your questions and help you through the process.

We are committed to working with our clients to create their dream roof and are equipped to handle any type of roofing situation. With years of experience and a passion for this industry, our licensed roofers are more than happy to help you. If you are interested in scheduling an inspection for a roof replacement or have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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