Insurance Denying Roof Claims: What Do You Do?

Insurance Denying Roof Claims

Owning a home can cost a lot of money at times, especially regarding roofing. Having a roof installed is an investment and an expensive one at that. Every now and then something bad may happen to your roof such as storm-related damage. When an event like this occurs it is important to report it to […]

How Your Roof’s Age Impacts Your Insurance Claim


We’ve been talking about insurance claims a lot over here recently on our Learning Hub and we’re back with more useful information that can help you through your roofing woes. Having to get roof work done is often a dreaded process by homeowners and that is usually due to them not having enough knowledge on […]

Important Things to Know About Roof Damage and the Insurance Process

Roof Damage and the Insurance Process

Roofs are a necessary as well as a rather pricey investment that must be made at some point in a homeowner’s life. Naturally, you want to get the most out of this investment, and to do so you may need some repairs done from time to time, or to file an insurance claim every now […]

What To Know When You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storm damage can never come at a convenient time. Whether it is damage related to the weather or an old branch falling on your roof, it is important to take care of it right away. It can be stressful at times trying to navigate roof repair as for some it can seem confusing. In reality, […]

Homeowners Insurance: What is the process to replace a roof with storm damage

Did a recent severe hail or wind event affect the area you live in and cause damage to your roof? If the answer is yes, then you will need to prepare yourself for the insurance claims process for a new roof. Your insurance agent and claims processing staff will guide you through their procedures, however, […]

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